Bromley Park Metro District No.2 is a Title 32 special district under Colorado law. The District was established in 1984 to provide certain essential public-purpose services and/or facilities for the use and benefit of our inhabitants and taxpayers, all in accordance with the law of the State of Colorado.

Bromley Park is located in northern Adams County, Colorado. It is located generally between the City of Brighton and Interstate 76.

Notice of Regular Meeting

July 25, 2022 at 11:00 am held virtually

May 3, 2022 Elections

Call for Nominations – click here for form and more information.

Notice Regarding Temporary Road Closure

Board of Directors

President: Toni L. Serra
Secretary: Joel H. Farkas
Treasurer: Douglas G. Hamilton
Assistant Secretary: Anthony Tucker

Map of Bromley Park Metro District No. 2